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Bibo, when street art joins gastronomy


Bibo is a restaurant with lots of art inside of it. It is located on the Hollywood road in Hong Kong and it combines street art, Art Decó, architecture, design and French gastronomy creating a unique space in the world. The space recreates a Parisian hall of the 30s, in a building transformed into an abandoned train station. Luxurious marble floors and an elegant lighting connect traditional French cooking with contemporary urban art. Thus, closeness between luxury and underground life is created.

Street art indoors

The restaurant is decorated from floor to ceiling, with works from well-known street artists such as Banksy, JR, Damien Hirst, Daniel Arsham or Invasor. In addition, several furniture pieces, old train tickets and schedules and a huge unevenly stacked marble bar by hand, complete the design. The structure’s fittings include brass pipes that are reminiscent of subway ventilation systems, while complex light fixtures appear as train signal lights.

Bibo invites its clients to experience urban art, interacting with the designers, because while the first taste their fine cuisine dishes, different artists are shut away in those walls for express their ideas, transporting the clients to a unique place and make them live an experience for all their senses.



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