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Mica: small jewellery, big design


Today we bring a new branding and interior design project developed in Mexico, south and central America design is growing in quality and calling to attention. If you look around, you can see that most of the jewellery stores have the same boring design. Why can’t they be a little bit more sensitive, and do something different? Well, here we show the project MICA made by SAVVY Studio.

MICA's brand identity

We’re talking about a contemporary jewellery house which specializes in custom made pieces. The name of MICA derives from a group of minerals that are characterised by their malleability which makes them ideal for various uses. MICA’s identity is based on the amorphous nature of the rocks, the asymmetry of their profiles and their unique existence.

Art inspiration

The interior spaces are based on an extensive grid system, strongly influenced by the work of Sol Lewitt, particularly his “Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes”. The displays, exclusively conceived and produced for MICA, offer an organic contrast against the more rigid backdrop of the space they are contained in. The store is not a very large one, but the lighting and the mirror helps out to remove that feeling of small room space.

Minerals and design

In this project stands out many design styles, we can see some interior design techniques that proves that every little detail in this work has been carefully thought. You can really feel that natural and modern touch that the designers have made. In the logo, the detail of removing the letter’s A bar it reminds us of something outer space. Just like minerals in nature.

We love this kind of design projects, it proves that design direction is not only for big brands. Any small and local business needs the hand of a designer to make a coherent brand of it.

Images: SAVVY Studio

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