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Spicy design for Canalla restaurant


Taquería Canalla is a mexican fast-food restaurant located in San Pedro, Mexico, that needed a good branding and interior design. The design concept  was to forget about the classical tasting restaurant and reflect the actual design in their branding.  Manifiesto Futura made a great job. The exterior design has a contemporary look and the detail of using light wood for the door and the sign it gives a traditional touch.

Custom interior design

The interior design has the same concept, dark painted walls, unfinished wood counter-height tables with stools and vintage decorative elements. The most importing element in this interior design is the wood, that really highlights the space. We appreciate the little details like tiny potted plants, and custom made bottles for holding different spicy sauces.

The result of this project it’s a good example of contemporary branding and space design, that offers a youthful, modern and warm space to eat a good taco.


Manifesto Futura

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