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Our highlights of Casa Decor 2018


Staying ahead of the latest tends is an essential for a designer. Just in that way our creativity and imagination run free to create projects based on design culture. That’s why this weekend our team travelled to Madrid to visit the biggest decoration and interior design exhibition in Spain: Casa Decor. This original event consists on a exhibition of more than 60 different spaces in a high patrimonial value building in the downtown area of Madrid. There brands, interior designers and visitors meet to enjoy the best designs and decoration. Today we’ll share with you the most relevant tends we found throughout the visit to Casa Decor and also highlight three spaces that we liked the most.

Most relevant trends of Casa Decor 2018

Over the course of the visit we could identify some trends that were repeated en different spaces in Casa Decor. Art decó was definitely one of the main styles in the exhibition. We also detected details that remind us to the glam culture of the 60s and just as we could see, the oriental aesthetic in the interior design and decoration is reinforcing this year.

Analyzing the materials founded in the different spaces of Casa Decor, we highlight the use of “tesserae”; small tiles that create impressive mosaics in the walls and also for paving. Noble materials like stones and marble had also a big presence in this edition. And was also easy to find metallic golden details in lots of spaces of the exhibition.

As innovative decoration elements, we’ll highlight the use of fringes and fabric as velvet and silk; founded in decoration elements, furniture and walls. Talking about walls, we also found spaces with decorative wall papers with basically tropical designs but also some kitsch wall papers.

"Geometric boutique" by Marta Sánchez Zornoza

We liked most of the spaces of Casa Decor but today we’re sharing the three that for us had something special and added value that makes them highlight. At the second floor we found this space, inspired in a luxurious hotel suite. The designer used geometry for walls, furniture and decoration objects to connect the different areas of the space. That makes really unified areas (bedroom, bathroom and dresser) that communicate within them in a coherent way. We can see how, for example, the bed head is also a mirror for the dresser area. There is a predominantly reddish colour in the space, combined with brick red, white and also green due to the tropical vegetation.

"Reading corner - Schneider Electric Space" by Almudena Rebuelta Domeq

Also in the second floor we found one of the most sensorial spaces of Casa Decor. Natural materials, subtle textures but specially the design of this reading corner caught our attention because of the intelligent use of lighting. In this space the lighting changes creating the effect of the passage of time during the day. It’s an original way to use lighting as a element to communicate sensations. In this case, the lighting changes drives you to a relaxing situation where you could be at home reading a good book at night.

"Glossier" by Katty Schiebeck

And finally, we found a space that transports us to glam culture of the 60s with the freshness of that times. The young designer presented a futuristic bathroom where the orangey colour, the transparencies, volumes and the reflections of the mirrors achieve a surround experience for the visitor. The use of  curtains and neon lighting complete the interior design of this space.

Basically it’s a recommended visit to the ones of you that are interested on decoration and interior design trends. This edition of Casa Decor will be opened in Madrid until the 25th of March.

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