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Convent reborn as a lively and trendy space


Valencia is a great city to spend your time-out in different places, there are a lot of bars where you can enjoy the weather and the large variety of cuisine. 

One of this places is the Convent Carmen, which was reborn as a trendy space in Carmen’s neighbourhood. This former convent has changed completely their interior design, reflecting a new view about the design culture.


This Convent dates back to the year 1608, it has a characteristic of the Carmelitas Descalzas although the flood of 57 destroyed the convent and was building under the architectural canons of the 70s. Last September, the place of silence, prayer and closure reopened its doors with a purpose and a totally renewed identity, where the public that stays behind its walls are no longer priests and novices.

We are a design consultancy and from our point of view the style  has been combined perfectly nature, history and design. The conception of this religious worship place has completely changed. Now it’s a space where you can find:  draught beer,  wine and a large variety of cuisine.


This project has been inspired by the concept: past-future, connecting a mixture of styles that are reflected in all areas of this place. The former church has become in a attractive space where the prayers have been replaced for different cultural performances.

The garden of this convent has been transformed into a sacred place of Valencia’s time-out, which thanks to the mixture of styles has been able to transport us to a true religious experience.


Convent Carmen

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