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Great mix of nature, food and culture inside Cuines


Inspired by nature this is the new restaurant “Cuines”, designed by Sandra Tarruella team in Polanco, Mexico DF. The decor it’s a tribute to the kitchen and mix of cultures. In it, natural trees, a show kitchen, ideal for “taping” and a garden at the bottom coexist with industrial style furniture, reclaimed wood and volcanic stone.

Visual language of market

This restaurant serves Mexican, Mediterranean, Asian and vegetarian dishes. And just to emphasize the importance of these, it have separate and open kitchens, interacting with the rest of the room. The warehouse has also been solved with the visual language of market pantry: in it, all the product is exposed to view through a large iron and wood shelf in double height.

Linked but unique spaces

Its design shows a clear desire to blur the boundaries between spaces, for this reason, have been used the same volcanic stone pavement in both spaces. The vegetation is another element that is present in all other spaces: evokes the crop products, orchard… reinforcing the idea of freshness and natural products, of being an alive space. The warehouse foods, in view of customers reinforces the idea of warm, casual and comfortable place for all kind of audiences.

In the overview we see how, despite being a large space, has been achieved that every table has some privacy and intimacy thanks to the interior vegetation and a warm and pleasant light.


Tarruella Trenchs Studio

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