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Elegance of nº5


Throw away your flux capacitor, you can travel to the 1920s in this burger place. We are more than happy to have the most beautiful burger restaurant in the world just a few blocks away from our HQ, in Castellón (Spain). It’s called N5 Burger and it is an art déco, 1920s inspired restaurant.

Burgers & art déco

It is located at the historical centre of the city of Castellón, in a restored old house. The unique look given by the tile coloured façade and the worn-out walls and structures of the rooms is almost imperceptible when you lay an eye on the beautiful hand-picked vintage furniture of Francisco Segarra. The outside and the inside don not look alike at all. And in this case is a good thing. When you are about to enter the restaurant you would never imagine how the place actually looks.

Impressive vintage interior

It has red painted wood panels, old industrial fans, metallic structures similar to a broken service lift. Even the bathrooms have an industrial look reinforced with a mirror mosaic.  The walls are a mix of wood panelling, ripped and wrinkled painted paper and distressed materials.  Some of them are even broken and painted inside with golden colours. The floors are marble and tile. And some of the settings, or even the bar, are wrapped in leather and hide.

But, what about the food? It is simply great. It’s a wonderful place to go and enjoy your meal while you also enjoy the thematic interior design.


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