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El maño, the Valencian style


Valencia’s Marketplace, El Mercat Central, is one of the biggest, most alive and full of life European markets; the melting pot of the Valencian culture and styles. It’s been here for more than 90 years and it doesn’t want to leave any time soon.

Particular elegance for ham

It started as a traditional meeting place for the street-sellers. One big, open space where everybody could sell their goods. It had a very particular elegance. And now, they have the need to re-brand themselves. Kike Correcher, from Filmac says that they needed to design a marketplace worth keeping 50 years from now, as happened 90 years ago. One of our favourite stalls is Jamones El Maño. It could not sound more Spanish than that. Vicente Luján is responsible of the design and he did a great job, keeping in mind that it is a marketplace stall.

Actual design inside the market

The first time you look at it you immediately stop thinking about it being a market stall and start thinking of a high-level, premium-quality meat store. White walls, white striped façade and black hand-written letters give the place the modern-yet-traditional look a 21st Valencian market stall should have; one we will still want to look at 50 years from now.

There’s no much more left to say about it besides that you will need to visit it yourself and delight in watching how the future of stalls design will be.

Images: Germán Cabo

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