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Mcann-Erickson headquarters interior design


McCann Erickson (a world known advertising agency) did their headquarters renewal right at mid New York, where design gets a value that overtakes aesthetics and conventionalisms. Its new interior design shows the old big apple’s traditional advertising offices kind of design, with a decisive contrasting modern touch that reflects the new way of thinking and approach.

Tradition joins futuristic aesthetics

Through all its design features, its zone arrangement stands out. A generally open space is laid out, which is also limited by fine glass walls. The new concept of this enterprise expects to give the worker all the commodities he or she needs, finding here a bar zone, a resting zone, a playing zone and a relaxing zone, each one set with a surrounding aesthetic that sometimes looks futuristic.

There's also time for relax

Its strong point is, besides the leisure time zones, the assimilation of enterprise to the leisure time of the city, creating spaces such as a club, where people from outside the enterprise can enjoy without taking care about its labour. This makes the enterprise more popular, beyond its work, and it becomes a concept of integration and trendiness.

As it has already been said, integration of past and future marry an ambience that suggests enjoying design as something that goes further than mere observation.


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