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Our highlights of Milan Design Week (part 2)


Here’s the second part of our not-to-be missed exhibitions at Milan Design Week. We’re going through “Fuorisalone” pointing to the best exhibitions found at the design districts around the city.

Nendo in Superstudio

At Via Tortona we found Superstudio area where Nendo exhibition was placed. The well-known product designer divided the space into 10 different areas where 10 products were exposed. This was one of the most experiential installation we visited, the mixture of background music, the darkness of the space and screen-media projection

Moooi at Via Tortona

This could be one of our favourite exhibitions at the Fuorisalone, with an outstanding use of interior design to communicate. At the entrance you find 5 arches that define Moooi’s services: lighting, carpets, wall coverings, luxury cosmetics and sunglasses. Then there’s a central corridor that drives you through the space tour. At both sides you can see all the scenes, with Moooi product placement and beautiful decoration. At the end of the circuit it was the wallpaper exhibition. An interesting one, inspired by extinct animals. That zone had an interior design that looked like a museum.

Preciosa at Brera District

The lighting brand also brings to Milan Design Week 2018 an experiential and artistic exhibition. It highlights the use of fabric for the walls and the first lighting installation. In that area there were placed some sensors and when you blow at them the intensity of the light changes with that movement. Stairs up you find all the product exhibition that included the impressive ceiling lamps of Preciosa.

Lee Broom

We wanted to highlight this installation because of the great use of simple materials like office blinds and carpet for the floors. The result is really good for an interior design that gives all the limelight to their product. Dark atmosphere and lighting just for Lee Broom’s product. Also thanks to the intelligent product placement it generates deepness at the space.


Last but not less we’ll like to share Cedit exhibition at the Fuorisalone. They paid attention to every design detail. At the entrance we found all their catalogues with really good graphics and printing textures. The exhibition zone is a clear highlight at the Milan Design Week because of the personality of the structures they designed for every collection, each one with a main colour that defines the ambient and definitely they were giving a lot of meaning to their communication tools like graphics, catalogues next to each collection and extra screen-media information. Elegant and simple.

Once again, Milan Design Week maintains a high design level at the Salone and also along the design districts. We’re coming back with lots of inspirational memories and waiting for the next edition!

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