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In-factory office design by Castanheira


When you think about the inside of a ceramic factory you can’t really imagine how it looks like. Outside can be attractive but inside, it’s a big room with machines and the aspect of it it’s not really pleasant. But what if we combine architectural design with a factory, what’s the result of it? For this question, Carlos Castanheira has the answer.

Boxes for office spaces

Carlos Castanheira was in charge to design the offices of Revigrés factory. What he didn’t realised was that the Portuguese manufacturer of flooring and coating tiles wanted its office space inside the production area. This idea surprised him and challenged him to make a good design. The architect’s design solution was inspired by the sight of a large box on site. Building the office space as nothing more than large boxes, in which people will work, resulted in a construction that easily relates to and blends with the factory.

Sustainable design

One of the main requirements and also inspired the design concept was that of sustainability. A large part of the materials that he used are wooden structural elements, chipboard panels and expanded cork. This assures recycling and eco materials.

In the future, the containers can be transformed into other containers or boxes in a logic of sustainability which the human mind will always be able to reinvent.

Carlos Castanheira

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