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Star Wars collection by rag & bone


We just discovered the original rag & bone collection inspired by Star Wars and we’re already in love. This meticulous work in fashion design is far, far away from the merchandising clothes with Star Wars logos that we can find out there. If you are a Star Wars fan like us, you’ll enjoy today’s tribute.

Far, far away from merchandising clothes

It is not a secret that Star Wars films have created some of the most incredible and eternal looks in the history of cinema. Those outfits have even influenced the world of fashion over the years. That time, the brand rag & bone collaborated with Disney and Lucas film to create that collection. Marcus Wainwright (rag & bone CEO, Founder and Creative Director), who has been a fan of sci-fi movies since he was about five years old, wanted to design a Star Wars collection definitely inspired by the films but he doesn’t want to just “put Star Wars on a t-shirt”. He was looking for something more subtle that maintains the original style of rag & bone products. That’s why the brand decided to re-imagine some of their favorite rag & bone pieces while including very subtle little details inspired by some of the most memorable characters, locations, colors, patterns and outfits present in Star Wars films.

The result of that conscious design project is “The last Jedi Capsule Collection”, with 22 limited edition pieces to truly fall in love with:

That sweater… is inspired by Obi Wan’s hood! And what about those high heel boots? Ready for rebellion.

Definitely that’s the perfect outfit for a modern Jedi. So stay tuned, check that limited collection pieces and luckily get one of those special designs. May the Force be with you.


rag & bone 


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