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This week, To celebrate 1000 Years of constant operation, London’s famous Borough Market commissioned communications and branding agency Tin Man & Teatime Production to create an interactive pop-up shop in celebration of the annual Apple Day, and celebrating a millennia of existence from 1014 until the present.  If you have seen the thumbnail for this blog I think you can guess where this is going.

Apple branding for real apples

Yes as part of a weekend exhibition, the production and design agencies turned a space nearby the market into a tongue in cheek re-imagination of worldwide apple store branding, representing real, organic & fresh apples available in the market. The minimalist environment synonymous with Apple (the company), was used to present over 1000 different apple varieties (one for each year) on the typical clear perspex plinths used to hold IPhones, MacBooks and IPads.

Apples displayed like iPhones

“The world’s oldest known apple, Court Pendu Plat, which was introduced by the Romans and still flourishes today, was displayed in a prestigious perspex box whilst 999 other varieties were presented on sleek white plinths and shelving units,” a statement from Borough Explained. Each apple was presented with an Apple style information card, explaining the taste notes, specifications and vital statistics of each apple.

The Pop-Up shop presents a fun approach to an installation design to the general public. Taking pop culture references and building on the concept. To create a lasting piece of interior design. The only question is whether the ‘Real’ apple store charges 5 times the price for the exact same apple that could be found in the historic market next door.



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