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Featured by IdN Hong Kong!


Our work have been recognized in Hong Kong! IdN Magazine is a Chinese media dedicated to highlight creative people and amplify the international design community by editing very interesting issues about specific design topics. Gathering an impressive following from all corners of the world, this magazine has been essential for designers and agencies.

Iconic brochures and catalogue

IdN got in contact with us to publish some of our latest brochure and catalogue designs. This projects have been featured in the special issue: Report, Brochure & Catalogue. We also have been interviewed by IdN team about which differences we found at designing reports, brochures and catalogues than any other editorial designs. We think that designing for reports and catalogues makes the whole process much more extensive, and becomes a more challenging task, as it requires organizing the information, and laying it out not only with great visuals and a solid concept, but being able to translate this information in a way any person can easily understand it.

Projects like our Marble+ catalogue and some of the editorial projects designed for Zirconio and Niro Group have been the selected brochures that IdN published on its issue.

Was a pleasure to collaborate with such an interesting media that speak loud around the world about good design. Thanks for having us in you latest issue and so glad to have this magazine in our studio, it’s a real inspiration!

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