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Zaha Hadid, maths at Science Museum In London


Last week, Zaha Hadid Architects and the Science museum in London confirmed that the architecture firm will be producing a new permanent exhibition gallery in the museum.

Aerodynamic inspiration

The proposal calls for the radical, space-age forms synonymous with Zaha Hadid, The centrepiece of the gallery will be a 1929 British Handley Page aeroplane, spanning 12-metres across its wings,  suspended from the ceiling. This aeroplane will define the characteristics of the space. Due to the mathematical theme of gallery, the forms and lines of the gallery take exact inspiration from the aerodynamic airflow that would travel over the plane during flight.

Impressive 3D forms

The central structures that help to support and hold the aeroplane are defined by maths too, working out the wing vortices that the plane would create in flight and combining it into this stunning and complex 3 dimensional form.

“With this gallery we want to evoke the kind of excitement around mathematics as our other exhibitions have in the field of science” museum director Ian Blatchford remarked “and with Zaha Hadid’s extraordinary designs this project is off to the best start imaginable.”

Upon completion in 2016 the Mathematics gallery is set to be one of London’s newest must visit pieces of exhibition design. It will present the big ideas and tools used throughout the story of mathematics from the 17th century to the modern era.