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Design direction for Durstone

Since 2012

Since 2012 we’ve been developing design projects for the tile leader company Durstone. From branding, catalogue and other promotional tools to the creation of their exhibition stands for international trade fairs. This design direction work made possible the global management of the brand identity of Durstone and their wall tile brand Q, creating coherence between every project and helping to boost its consolidation in the international ceramic market.

Tile leader company

The ceramic tile company relied on us to consolidate and establish their visual identity and reflect it with coherence to all their design applications. Durstone has strong values in innovation, quality and design as an added value. We worked on its brand renewal inspired by minimalism using pure whites and fool blacks. Keeping it simple and clean.

Two different styles under the same roof

When Durstone decided to launch its new wall tiles brand, Q, we assumed the design direction of the project developing the brand identity, all the campaigns and also designing their tile product, packaging, folders, catalogues and other promotion tools. This new brand had a completely different style than the main brand Durstone but both of them had to cohabit under the same roof.

Its own visual identity

Their latest catalogues are a reflection of this brand renewal. We designed Durstone’s & Q master catalogue following the identity attributes of the brand, developing 2-book catalogue with a squared format, black & white as the main colours, and keeping it simple to introduce all the collections with clear information and inspiring mock-ups.

Both brand identities in one space

Managing design projects for Durstone we’re also involved in the stand designs for the trade fairs where the company present every year their latest collections. In 2013 Durstone tasked us to give a stronger role to Q in their exhibition stand for Cevisama 2013. There’s an obvious dissimilarity between both brand styles, so our challenge is designing a space that combines and reflect in a coherent way the both identities. Introducing Q inside Durstone’s stand was a considerable challenge. The main brand, Durstone, had a clean and minimalist style with black & white combinations and pure lines. Meanwhile Q was a “young soul” brand with an eco-friendly & fresh style.

And now, we’re still offering new solutions to reflect both brand identities in one space fair after fair using now the “Blooming Gallery” design concept and adapting it to all the stands we create.

There’s an obvious dissimilarity between Durstone & Q styles, so the challenge was designing a space that combines and reflect both identities in a coherent way.

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