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40th anniversary campaign for Niro Granite


This year Niro Granite brand has celebrated its 40th anniversary and we wanted to pay a homage and reflect the long journey and the great evolution that this brand has had through the years. For this reason we wanted to highlight the positive impacts that the passing of time has had over the brand image; by gaining experience, quality and trust with customers.

To celebrate this special occasion we developed a series of visual applications and a campaign inspired by their Swiss heritage that will be used at Niro’s anniversary event. The logo and the graphic environment was based by the Swish cross becoming a modern representation of number 40.

Finally we created a special claim for Niro’s event. It had to refer to the three concepts that shape this anniversary: a celebration of those 40 years of history; the achievements of the brand during this time and their bright future. The result was: “Celebrating our legacy for tomorrow”.

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