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Branding & folder design for Jewel

Mosaicos Safont

For this project, we were in charge of opening a new business track based on top ceramic trends design. It was a full branding and art direction project, as it was necessary to build the whole service from the beginning focusing it through design thinking. We did the naming and copywriting, designed the brand and graphic style, designed and selected the ceramic jewel samples, did the display folders layout and took care of printing process. We took very seriously our task to display a new message for the design ceramic industry:

The best designers know the importance of attention to detail, as it is what stands the style of a product, as well as being the main factor that attracts the eye of the buyer. Jewel, by Mosaicos Safont adds this basic principle of design to their main service of cutting and meshing ceramic mosaic. Add beauty to cutting mosaics with precious ceramic jewelry developed with the latest techniques of third and fourth fire. Jewel gives the product developer a powerful decorating tool. There are endless possibilities of combination due to their different cut sizes, finishes and shapes.

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