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Graphic campaign for Zirconio at Cersaie 2014


Produced on behalf of Niro Group we designed and developed these promotional images as part of the advertising build up to the world’s largest international ceramics fair at Cersaie, in bologna, Italy. We developed the background photographs to coincide with our design for Niro Group’s exhibition at the fair. The pictures are composed using the most important features of the stand, the construction materials, the furniture and the ceramics that Zirconio themselves will be promoting. The use of which helps to tease the nature of the design to the viewer, not simply showing the stand and asking users to visit but providing an thoughtful composition to pique their interest. At Cersaie, Zirconio will be presenting a different and new set of size dimensions at the fair, therefore we developed the slogan for the invitation ¨come, join us and explore the right dimensions” using the dual meanings of the word, both directly advertising their new tiles and asking the visitor explore the right dimension – the experience, the world of Niro Group as a whole.

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