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Advertising campaign for Lioli


Within the re-branding for Lioli we created a bold campaign that had to communicate a clear message: Lioli makes its presence all over the world. That’s how “World wide” claim appears; with the aim to express that Lioli is not only a producer with a huge product range and sizes, but also an international company.

The objective was also to reflect the different attributes of Lioli, so we developed 2 advertising claims “Go wide” to states its large product range and “Go Lioli” representing the breadth of Lioli’s reach and presence all over the world. For the other hand we decided to add more specifics claims inspired by design, innovation and nature: “Inspired by nature at its essence”, “Cutting edge design for forward-thinkers” and “Foundation for technical innovation”.

As we categorized all Lioli products in 4 typologies, based in their colour range (Antartica, Desert, Amazonia and Volcano) we decided to use that idea to get a powerful visual communication by managing a photo-shooting. Lioli’s tiles will be the main element of the production and will be in the middle of a wide, large and impressive spaces, directly related to the 4 typologies (a desert, a forest, etc). It results in 4 eye-catching images that, combined with the brand’s new claims create a bold advertisement for Lioli.

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