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Stand design at Cersaie 2018 for Qutone


For Qutone we designed a colourful stand where corporative colours are present across the space. Our main purpose was to show the big slabs of the brand in their complete size, since Qutone have collections with big sizes as 120×360. We wanted to give to the place an industrial style using a metallic structure and also wanted to play with transparency along the spaces by including printed semi-transparent canvas and Plexiglas in corporative blue. As the central element we designed a box that include some shelves for catalogues, binders and brochures of Qutone.

Also wanted to highlight Elegante collection of the brand, that includes eye-catching marbles with special designs and colours. This collection is so unique because the pieces are created to also be back lighted creating a luxurious effect. We give to graphic a very important role inside the stand because we wanted to also send key massages with the space. We designed the “brand wall” where corporative copy and claims were exposed and also designed a “technical wall” where technical features of Qutone’s products were explained in a clear way for the visitors.

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