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Stand design at Cevisama 2019 for Demireks


Demireks booth design at Cevisama 2019 was a clear reflection of their brand identity, using red corporative colour as a cohesive element along the space and offering innovative solutions. We wanted to give personality to the space starting with the architectural structure, so at the facade and main reception area, we played with geometries and lines raising walls in different directions that finally meet at some point.

The main facade of Demireks include vertical and angled elements painted in the corporative red. In this way the visitor is not able to see the inside of the booth properly so it gives a sense of privacy but also arouse their curiosity. That’s why the space was also conceived to be easily passable for the visitors, through its open spaces characterised by geometric volumes, creating an innovative and modern structure.

At the stand the highlight collections are exposed in big tiled surfaces, creating different volumes and compiled together by a black metallic belt-like structure, which also displays each collection’s different colours.  The outdoor area was conceived to expose the 20mm thickness and an innovative exposition solution we offer to the brand was to expose those tiles on wooden volumes and not just on grass.


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