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Stand design at Cevisama 2019 for Lioli


From graphic environment, to the stand design we’ve been managing Lioli’s brand strategy for the last months. This time, the pioneer in manufacturing 3200×1600 mm big slabs, comes to Europe at Cevisama 2019 fair in Valencia and we were the studio in charge of rethinking their new identity and creating a bold campaign for the brand.

We started from the very beginning, creating a new way to communicate and categorize Lioli’s so we divided them into 4 different product typologies: Amazonia, includes the collections that evoke the blend of foliage, water and rocks of tropical environments. Antarctic, majestic marbles with little hints of any other colour other than the white that differentiates them. Desert, collections characterized by earthy and warm tones. And Volcano, powerful, bold and neutral tile pieces where blacks and greys are the most dominant colours. The booth design was a physical reflection of the main concept behind Lioli’s brand campaign, where the 4 new product typologies were represented in 4 different areas along the space, taking the tiles as the main element of each area followed by inspirational decoration and graphics explaining each category and concept.

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