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Stand design at Cevisama 2019 for Massima


One more time we’re in charge of the conception and design of Massima stand for Cevisama 2019. The architecture has a clear vertical component, due to its impressive 5m height and we get inspired by the grandiose Greek temples to design Massima’s facade, with imposing columns that create the illusion of a even larger and more open space.

The company offers a large range of different product typologies: ceramic, natural stones, mosaic (Ugonovaro Collection brand) and luxury vinyl tiles (Finzzi Surfaces brand). So we distributed the space into those 4 typologies and exposed their highlights collections. Their mosaic and luxury vinyl tile collections have their own brands and identities: so we wanted to give them their own space, personality and differentiation although those brands are an extension of Massima.

Definitely the attention was focused at the main entrance, where we decided to show all their product typologies in a eye-catching mock-up that combines tiled panels of natural stones, ceramic, vinyl and mosaic Massima products. In this way, at a first glance the visitors can understood perfectly what they can find at Massima range of products.


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