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Visual identity for Lioli


We worked with Lioli on its re-brand with the aim to tackle all the elements that embody its identity, unifying them cohesively and making the right changes to endow Lioli’s brand with a strong personality.

Lioli is large big slab manufacturer in Asia so we reflected its technology, functionality and aesthetic nature with the concept and tagline: “Contemporary slabs”.  It appeals to its timeless character and its large variety of designs and textures.The result is a modern and clear graphic identity adding the new tagline to the logo, which remains unchanged although it definitely grows with the typography selection and the renewed graphic environment, based on a very simple, yet powerful idea: using the geometric shapes evolving from their own towards a sense of space, openness and growth. With different bold and impactful patterns we represented the proportionality, technicality and attention to detail that the brand wishes to convey.


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