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Design direction

We believe in the transformative power of design, being part of a company DNA and playing a significant role in the brand value. But creating a strong brand doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and requires a constant and coordinated work.

Our methodology was build with this in mind – we manage design as a strategic element to create added value brands and drive them to success.

And we truly believe in this as a collaborative process: partnering with our clients, digging deep into their business and finally define how to make them grow.

Strategy & concept

It’s coherent or it’s wrong. That’s how we see it and that’s how we work.

To us, being coherent means creating solid strategies and powerful concepts on which every design project is going to be built. Because a first impression is everything, it’s true, but we’re here to create not only eye-catching designs but relevant ones that appeal to something deep inside and stand the test of time.

Added value by design culture



While I was studying I got almost obsessed with design culture. So whenever I could I used to travel through Europe learning about the latest trends and soaking up as much as possible from the interior design industry.

What really fascinated me about design was its direct influence on people. When you find out how to translate an aesthetic approach into a guideline for the company’s communication a very powerful culture emerges and irradiates positive energy and a strong personality.

Indeed, brands that really understand how to boost through design are much more “sexy”.


Jorge García-Riego
CEO & Founder



Once the strategic game plan is done, the magic started and we bring ideas to life. For ten years now, we’re transforming visionary concepts into coherent design projects related to six different (but connected) areas:

Working Area