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A vision of the future where technology intersects with art.
Visual identity for Dongpeng

Dongpeng Ceramics is currently one of the biggest and more successful groups in China. Their products have been recognized for their high quality and are sold internationally in 66 countries. Their largest export destinations include countries with high quality standards such us United States, Canada and Australia. In their aim of growing in Europe, Dongpeng asked us to review their visual identity, company communication and product showcase.

Following their company values and heritage, we developed a complete VI manual that covered everything from logo construction to applications such as stationary, digital uses and uniforms. We translated Dongpeng’s vision for the future in a simple and yet modern image where bold typography and clear messages are key to their company communication.

Editorial line for Dongpeng

Within the rethinking of the brand identity of Dongpeng, we developed a new editorial line that corresponded with the launching of their latest products.

The aim was to enhance Dongpeng’s passion for innovation and trends so a series of illustrative images were created, in which Dongpeng’s products are presented as “the base for your next great project”. The Chinese company is widely know, not only for being the greatest tile company in China, but also for their commitment to follow the latest interior design trends. For that we wanted to spread the message: Let their collections trigger your imagination.

Playing with colour in a bold intention, the new editorial line emphasize the freshness and originality of the pages. Starting with the corporate colours and adding new bright ones like yellow to represent the new spring collections. Their new image expands from their catalogues to other promotional means, even advertising, thanks to the potential of the pattern repetition.

In its interior, their collections are presented with strong focus on visual description of interiors with their products applied was also key when designing their pages.

Website design for Dongpeng

We developed Dongpeng’s website design with a defined concept: simple, functional and artistic approach. Inspired by minimalism we designed a simple architecture with an artistic & elegant graphic content. That’s why the website offers a sober and clean appearance which gives priority to the product presence and also to communication.

The powerful visuals and the permanent presence of large images is mixed with clear content hierarchy and an easy navigation system. The functionality of the website is based on a fixed menu, helping to a intuitive navigation and an easy way to access the key content.

On the other side, we appeal to visual content using large and powerful images, specially for the homepage. In that way, we’re reaching our client’s goals with a functional and visual-powerful website design.

Stand design at Cersaie 2017 for Dongpeng

We’ve been working with Dongpeng for two years, creating its international identity and by now the goals have been achieved due to the permanent dialogue and hard work. Now more than ever Dongpeng make statement at Cersaie 2017 as a modern and leading company presenting a completely new design stand that will be replicated in the upcoming national and international trade exhibitions.

This time, last year’s concept “The nature of light”, lives in harmony with the new idea of “The future is polymorphous” in the exterior: different geometries compose inviting shapes in the stand. There’s no doubt that the design element which may be highlighted is the reinvented light box that surrounds the stand’s facade creating that black & white contrast.

Inside “Dongpeng resort” we can find different spaces with a specific function. We run an exhaustive interior design for Dongpeng, showing the stand as an elegant Asian resort with a Balinese atmosphere, especially reflected in the meeting area with warm and intimate ambiance.

Nevertheless, the exhibition space was inspired by an art gallery: pure lines in that bright space where all the collections were presented in an artistic way emphasizing the creativity of Dongpeng’s designs such as Marble + collection. The stand has a clear commitment to technology, including LED displays inside the space and also at the entrance, and developing a sound system to create a unique atmosphere.