A game-changing three-day consulting journey with Jorge García-Riego, the visionary head of VXLAB.

Come across the Discovery Journey

During this three days experience, Jorge García-Riego will temporarily leave VXLAB to physically join the central offices of your company and become an integral part of it.

The itinerary

The journey will provide a professionalized perspective on brands, an intensive examination of the market landscape,

and invaluable insights into industry trends.

1st Day
  • Information gathering
    Business data | Ecosystem analysis
  • Product/service immersion
    USP discovery | Opportunity visualization | Pain points and opportunity points
  • Brand audit in 5 steps
    Differentiation | Relevance | Scope | Connection | Value
  • Interviews with stakeholders involved
    Objective planning | Company's vision | Company culture | Pain points
  • Competitor analysis
    Territories | Product | USP | Brand expression
2nd Day
  • Vision launch
    Discovery of VXLAB's vision for the business | Situation diagnosis
  • Strategic workshops
    Budgets | Key issues | Business limits | Challenges to face
3rd Day
  • Road Map mapping
    Solution development | Action plan proposal
  • Route scheduling
    Agenda for the development of the action plan
Jorge García-Riego

Jorge is a highly experienced international branding and business consultant, specializing in the architecture sector.

With a proven track record, he has assisted over 40 companies worldwide in identifying their branding needs and creating a strategic roadmap for their business success.

What our clients say

“We have received from VXLAB a professional job, with detailed and high-quality monitoring, yielding tangible results and fulfilling the commitments made.”

Fernando Lozano
President of Obra Blanca and Director of TCNA Mexico

“They were able to capture the soul of Techo Bloc, when they presented the visual system for a rebrand, and that was something that really blew us away, how did they get it so quickly? We tried and tried for years with other partners and agencies, and VXLAB really takes the time to dive into your brand and they deliver a visual system that speaks to the soul of your brand.”

Jessica Ciccarello
Director of Branding, Strategy & Communications of Techo-Bloc

“The new branding for Ramon Soler has been enthusiastically and wholeheartedly embraced by the entire company staff. Among our clients, it has been perceived as a highly positive evolution of the company, increasing trust in Ramon Soler across all our national and international markets. A testament to all this is the prestigious international German Design Award recently received for the new Ramon Soler branding.”

Jordi Soler
CEO of Ramon Soler, a sanitary faucet manufacturer since 1890.

“Right from the start of our partnership, they grasped the core of Cevisama and understood what we aimed to communicate to our clients. They crafted a completely meaningful, groundbreaking identity that they consistently evolves with each edition. VXLAB boasts a team of highly skilled professionals, and at Cevisama, we’ve consistently admired their creativity and swift responsiveness.

Carmen Álvarez
Director of Cevisama