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Enhancing the digital experience in the tile industry

The creative freedom that Fanal has given us when undertaking this project is so difficult to find that our entire team – from digital marketing specialists to branding designers – took it as a personal challenge, a unique occasion to demonstrate how we can design a functional website and really “sell” the ceramic product with a good dose of added value.

First of all, it was convenient to study the catalog in depth, Fanal is one of the most important porcelain tile producers in Spain, known for the depth of its collections and the quality of its finishes.

As specialists in branding of construction materials related to interior design and architecture, the most important thing before tackling a project is to ensure that we understand well what position the client wants to achieve in the market and also know where we are starting from, what it is what has been achieved so far with its brand actions over the years.

Getting to the point, the website was built on a very simple structure, and taking into account two very important parameters: 1. The product catalog had to be very accessible, so from the home itself there should be an option to access any part of the catalog, the website should also function as a digital ceramic catalog, so this determined the full user experience of the website.

On the other hand, highlighting the right product at all times also became one of the priorities when defining the user experience for this website. In general, ceramic tile websites tend to have a distant and cold appearance, in the case of the Fanal website design we thought it appropriate to bring the ceramic product closer to the visitor, so much that they could almost feel it.

We recorded a series of detailed videos, mixing it with shots outside the ceramic world so that the visitor could connect the concepts and understand the identity of each of the collections that were presented as highlighted.

The coding of this website is made so that even the smallest detail of the design we create is represented, usability is above all since this website represents Fanal Ceramica entry into the digital world.