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A strategic triangular positioning

As with many of the best stories,
it all started with a coincidence.

Two young entrepreneurs from different business backgrounds used to meet at Café Finzzi, on a narrow street in Milan. Espresso (without sugar) was the catalyst for starting a conversation about embarking on a joint project that combines their professional interests: David, deeply experienced in the coverings industry and design trends, and Kiran, an idealistic engineer specialized in sustainable materials. They laid the foundation for a new project and decided to name it after the café where everything began: Finzzi.

That’s the beginning of Finnzi, a captivating narrative of how real-life events can change everything.

A new brand was born, and it grew to be known for its quality, innovation, and design. Finnzi offers high-end, easy-to-install vinyl flooring that’s a breeze to set up, all made with eco-friendly techniques and materials that are 100% recyclable. It’s Finnzi’s way of blending design with sustainability for a better tomorrow.

A strategic triangular positioning.

The design of Finzzi’s identity is based on the premise of conveying the brand’s values
through a strategic triangular positioning.

Italian Heritage / Sustainability / High-End Design

Italy has an inspiring legacy that has consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity and excellence in product design, something that the creators of Finzzi deeply admire. This admiration has become the cornerstone of both product and brand development.

Reinventing the Classics

The central concept of the brand “Reinventing the Classics” seeks to evoke the timeless natural materials such as wood or marble, traditionally used in interior design, now reimagined through accessible materials that bring this heritage into every household.

Finzzi brand universe

The Finzzi brand universe is largely inspired by visually balanced Italian design, characterized by clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, denoting great elegance and meticulous attention to detail. The identity is articulated  around 4 pillars that reflect these characteristics.

Texture and colour

An environment of desaturated green in contrast with a vibrant orange that is always in harmony with the sense of touch.

The product boasts an incredibly lifelike finish capable of replicating all textures found in natural materials. Thus, the brand follows suit: textiles, textured papers, scores, and volumes complement every brand promotion interaction.

Sleek lines and refined aesthetics

Clean, smooth contours and an emphasis on elegant simplicity.
It emphasizes a sense of sophistication and modernity, where every curve and angle is carefully considered to achieve a harmonious and balanced appearance.

Meticulous attention to detail

Every aspect of the brand from product to people is meticulously refined. It encompasses a dedication to precision and thoroughness, ensuring that even the smallest elements are executed with care and precision.

Timeless appeals

Vinyl flooring is a material meant to be an enduring companion, so Finzzi’s brand needed to transcend current social trends and establish an identity capable of guiding it through the years.

The brand positions itself at the opposite extreme to its competitors. While the product category is perceived in the market as something cheap, fast, and environmentally unfriendly, Finzzi completely overturns this collective thinking by creating a high-quality product variant that competes in the market with a combination of brand experience and product excellence.

Finzzi’s brand experience encompasses retail spaces, showrooms, digital strategy, points of sale, marketing materials, internal narrative, and team culture.