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A high performance coverings brand with Italian heritage
Design direction for Finzzi

We were in charge of the creation of a new vinyl flooring brand: Finzzi. We directed the complete strategic, communicative and marketing process from the creation of the naming to the establishment of the main concepts on which the brand is built. Classic Italian heritage, high-end product and an elegant style. We worked on each design and marketing project capturing its essence and its sophisticated aesthetic.

A new flooring brand has born

Finzzi was born in our studio. We started the creation of the brand from the naming to its graphic environment inspired by its Italian heritage but also modern European style. The aim was to reflect a high quality, sober and elegant aesthetic to the brand and so a studied colour palette was chose selecting the black & white and also a green and an orange PANTONE tones that made the brand so special.

Art direction for a high-end product

We art directed the complete development of Finzzi’s promotion, starting with their master catalogue and creating new and specific promotional tools for the vinyl product. The catalogue content was fully developed in-house: creative and also technical copywriting, photo shooting and 3D mock-ups development. We worked on a modern but also “high-end look” layout design for the catalogue and also made a careful selection of materials and finishes for the printing process: thick corporative green paper with embossing lines that follows Finzzi’s icon and a minimal logo stamping.

Added also a strong orange cloth as a special finish for the spine. Behance platform recognized the aesthetic value of the catalogue and highlighted it as a selected graphic project on its platform. By applying Finzzi’s identity and graphic environment, a complete set of displays and folders was designed offering to the brand wide options of promotional tools to expose this amazing product to the market.

Finzzi in exhibition

One of the best chances to materialize a new brand identity is by developing corporative spaces as showrooms or stands. In the past few months Finzzi attended to international trade fairs and also inaugurate their first showroom. We followed the brand developing all those spaces that reflected Finzzi’s essence where we also designed customized furniture, displays and graphic information about this innovative product.

For Domotex fair (Hannover, Germany) we came with a stand design focused on the Italian heritage and a new concept created for this launching campaign: “reinventing i classici”.The German Design Council awarded this project with a “German Adwards in the Fair & Exhibiton category”. The brand also attended to other fairs and events such as Cevisama 2019.

Finzzi run digital

Another important step for Finzzi promotion was to increase its both national and international exposure. We took care of its website design and also created its Social Media Strategy for their new networks. The result is a clean and elegant website that fully reflects the essence of Finzzi and maintains coherence with the previous design projects. 

On the other hand, for the creation of Finzzi’s social networks in Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn we worked on a comprehensive social media content creation such as videos, copywriting, corporative images and inspiring photos.