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Embracing change in the American tile sector
Embracing change in the American tile sector

Graiman has just launched one of its most striking advertising campaigns to date “Nuevas Formas de Habitar”, designed and brought to life at our base.

The objective was clear – to prove their products suit anybody, any lifestyle or family type.

“Diversity” and “family typologies” became, therefore, the core of this tile manufacturer advertising campaign.

Everyone should relate to the ads – from couples to extended families. Interests, needs and concerns of these audiences vary greatly, so we grouped them all into 5 groups and tailored visuals and messaging accordingly.

Illustrations accompanied each group, not only empowering the campaign´s visual universe but also allowing people to quickly recognise themselves when seeing an ad.

Getting Graiman’s messaging across was as important as grabbing their audience’s attention so we paired all visuals with two powerful claims: “We build homes that fit your lifestyle” and “Discover all the options that match your lifestyle with Graiman ”.

Given the richness of the visual universe, the team opted to keep the logo of the advertising campaign simple, without any ornaments or decoration.