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Incorporating developers' boundary-pushing ethos into a brand.

Iuniq is the new product coming from an innovation company which has developed a new dry installation system that is unique in the industry. As it is, the word “unique”, gives name to the brand being the main element of the visual system.

To create the logo, the concepts of “union” and “connection” joined together. Iuniq pieces are assembled by a characteristic puzzle shape system, the logo reflects this concept creating a connection between the product and the brand. The entire identity of Iuniq breathes that technological and technical air referencing, a different product with many advantages over the existing products in the market.

Color palette played a major role. Different colors related to the technological and technical environment which gave us strength and visual power. The use of different greys adding the neon green, inspire the technological world and is also relate to the eco-friendly features of Iuniq.

Playing with the anagram we came up with a new element of the identity: a distinctive graphic gesture which give is a game to play along the whole brand identity, able to grow by multiplying this element to create a graphic language of multiplication, just like the Iuniq pieces do when get ensembled on a floor.

Website design for Iuniq

Branding a material with such technical characteristics is always a challenge. In this case, we are showing the result of the website design of IUNIQ, a system used for the quick and dry installation of porcelain tiles, through a structure that is assembled like a puzzle and weaves a base on which to fit porcelain tiles without need gluing or grouting.

When proposing the design of this website, it was observed the need to highlight which are the strengths of this installation system compared to traditional installation methods, and to do so in a way that the user experience was attractive, and the understanding was as visual as possible through product infographics.

The most important point of all was to make it clear that this porcelain installation solution is the cleanest option in that it reuses 100% of the materials and does not destroy the ceramic product making it reusable, following the “craddle to craddle” principles.

Through the design of the website and the brand, we had to make the visitor understand the strong character of the developers, their innovative and transgressive spirit. It is certainly not the classic approach to the branding of a technical architectural material, as is the case. But for the owners it was important to stand out and attract attention.

The rules of the game have changed in terms of brand design and its narrative, to show positioning it is needed to show character even if it seems like a risky strategy at first.