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Infusing a robust Italian heritage with innovation and vibrancy.

We designed the new visual identity of Majorca, a ceramic company with a strong Italian heritage mixed with the tradition and innovation to offer the best surface solutions.

We’re aimed to create a renew graphic environment for the brand, so we started with Majorca’s logo. For the rebranding we get inspired by the current logo and made an evolution of it applying the elegance and Italian modernism.

We give a full meaning to the brand developing a new palette of colours (blue, green and reddish coral) that refer to the colourful Mediterranean style.

Finally we designed a complete set of promotional tools (stationery, catalogue, hand panel and displays) applying the new iconic graphics of Majorca.0

The result was a modern design based on its 3 corporate colours and geometric shapes extracted from the logo and there’re the perfect reflexion of the rebranding work.

Editorial line for Majorca

To highlight its latest collections through an editorial line based on its renewed and colorful visual identity.

We created 5 catalogues for the collections that were going to be presented at the Cersaie fair: Linen, Onicestone, Piacentina, Pietra Cenere, Resine. Each one reflected the essence of the brand using the new color palette (blue, green and reddish coral) and through the geometric shapes extracted from the Majorca’s logo as a dynamic element.

The result was a modern, colorful and attractive editorial line that perfectly matched Majorca’s new identity.

Stand design at Cersaie 2019 for Majorca

The stand design at Cersaie 2019 for Majorca was created with the intention of reflecting 3 different concepts: Italian style, structural design and bright colours. Taking as a reference the graphic image of Majorca we create a new colorful design that appeals to innovation without forgetting the Italian tradition.

The structure of the stand was designed based on the geometric shapes extracted from the Majorca’s logo, reflected both outside and inside. The roof was designed inspired by this concept and connecting with the interior through a curved wall, dividing the space into two areas (social and exhibition), generating a feeling of openness and dynamism.

Outside the stand, we continue with the reference of the geometric shapes of the logo, using a set of circles that provided a sense of openness. In addition, solid volumes were used to simulate concrete finishes and moreveover the two main entrances were open for greater luminosity.

The result was a bold design that reflected the brand’s identity thanks to the use of its corporate colors throughout the space, becoming the cohesive element.