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The expansion of an event dedicated to architecture and interior design
Project Overview

Obra Blanca is the leading event in Mexico for the construction finishes sector. It’s an immersive experience in the world of architecture and interior design where professionals in the sector can unleash their potential through a comprehensive program of activities and an international exhibition featuring top references in ceramics, bathroom furniture, faucets, and lighting.

Expansion, Transformation, Evolution

Three pillars uphold the conceptual value of an event destined to be a space of international influence and innovation. A space where ideas are born that will revolutionize the future of the industry.

A stimulating community and a high-impact experience through which visitors can improve their businesses and professional positions.
An event with the purpose of:

Expanding the horizons, knowledge, and possibilities of the sector.

Transforming the way business is done through personal experience and connections among participants.

Evolving and energizing the sector through the experience of leading industry figures, media, and associations.

The challenge

“Transforming a business event into an immersive experience in architecture and interior design.”

The architecture and interior design sector needs more than just a business event. Professionals in the field seek meaningful experiences that connect them with the essence of their profession and strengthen their pride as architects and interior designers.
The sector needed more connection; people needed to belong. VXLAB worked on this concept to transform the Obra Blanca brand into a unique experience that transcends mere business.

The brand needed to occupy new territories, ones that would be crucial in achieving a genuine connection with its audience and elevate the concept from “the event” to “the experience.”

We thus created a new narrative:

“The Obra Blanca experience is a transformative place to go, a community to belong to. Here, our projects will have the opportunity to expand and achieve new goals through the experience and connection with a highly creative and innovative value.”

VXLAB for Obra Blanca

To ensure that we properly extract all the possibilities of Obra Blanca, we subjected the brand to our characteristic immersion process, the Discovery Journey. A process in which VXLAB consultants traveled to Mexico to work together with the entire Obra Blanca team for 3 days.

We thoroughly analyzed the architecture event market, brought our experience with similar brands, identified market trends, and defined the brand’s boundaries.

Personal and business expansion is the horizon of growth.

In our work on the Obra Blanca brand platform, VXLAB identified expansion as the key concept capable of articulating and directing all the nuances of the brand needed to connect exhibitors and event visitors with brand values.

It is the expansion of boundaries that we find in Obra Blanca: an expansion that impacts personal, business, and professional realms. In the expansive concept, we find a powerful tool to apply to visual and verbal universes to create a unique brand experience.

A New Visual Universe

VXLAB developed a complete visual universe for Obra Blanca in which the brand can be identified through any of its graphic elements.

Obra Blanca’s visual language is expansive: the logo, icon, and power phrases mutate and transform, giving rise to a visual identity filled with movement.

A New Verbal Universe

We developed a unique tone of voice that would articulate communication with all event audiences: exhibitors, visitors, media, and guests. This tone was carefully curated and activated throughout the internal and external communication strategy to ensure the transmission of brand values across all communication channels.

This tone was constructed based on the three purpose archetypes defined for Obra Blanca: the empowerer, the transformer, and the seducer. Symbolic figures that, when combined, form a personality that brings differentiation and coherence to the Obra Blanca message.

Targeted Strategy

Obra Blanca occupies a leadership and influence space within the world of architecture and interior design. To bolster this decisive position and expand the event’s horizons, VXLAB formulated the communication strategy that Obra Blanca would implement to further broaden itsinfluence.

An omnichannel strategy with the central axis of conveying Obra Blanca’s brand values. Values through which Obra Blanca pursues its purpose: to offer the architecture and interior design community an immersive experience aimed at propelling the future of the industry.

Digital Products

One of Obra Blanca’s initiatives is the digitization of the sector. To achieve this, together with VXLAB, they have developed the Obra Blanca Digital Catalog for all participating exhibitors. Users can explore different trends, innovations, and design proposals presented at each Obra Blanca edition.

The development of this digital catalog is not solely intended to provide exhibitors with a commercial showcase. It also serves as a valuable tool for visitors and any professionals or enthusiasts in architecture and interior design to discover trends, innovations, products, and specific developments currently available in the market.

*This catalog will be launched in December 2023.