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Selected marbles from all over the world to take people to their origins

Orígenes project is one of the most exciting cases of natural stone branding that we have done in recent times. Graiman, leader in the commercialization of porcelain in Ecuador and by extension, in Latin America, searched and selected a series of marbles from all over the world and we were in charge of devising the concept as well as designing all the ceramic promotion tools.

Precisely because of this spirit of searching all over the planet for the best products, we suggest the naming “Orígenes” by Graiman. And we designed the logo in such a way that each of the letters corresponded to each of the origins of the marbles: Zimbabwe, Brazil, India, Portugal, Italy and Spain.

To generate the graphic environment of the brand, we selected a basic color palette that would classify each of the countries according to the tone of the product. Also designed masses of color with abstract shapes that intermingling generated the colorful and powerful game that we wanted to achieve.

The design of the catalog is reminiscent of high-end furniture, evoking the exclusivity of marble as a pure building material with high added value.

This same graphic line is applied in the rest of the promotional materials, as well as in the stores where this product is exhibited.

For digital marketing, an impact strategy was designed with a set of animations that worked on graphics, colors and fonts so that the general concept of the collection was understood. We made the sample publications of Instagram and Facebook, as well as created the copywriting for all communications.

It is clear to us that a great product must be wrapped in a great concept, so that the narrative is up to par and generates a great brand value proposition.