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A new digital tool developed to boost the industry of finishes

The Digital Platform for Obra Blanca Releases is a new tool developed to boost the industry of finishes and construction materials in México and LATAM. 

This platform is designed to provide a space where architects, interior designers, builders, and specifiers can discover the latest products, innovation, and design trends in the sector, becoming a key reference guide for the profession.  

Discover the platform here.

Obra Blanca had in mind to generate from its event a parallel product that would take exhibitors beyond the physical limits of the event. Thus, the “Obra Blanca Launches” project was born, a space where exhibiting brands can showcase their releases of the year in a catalog that gathers all the innovation exhibited in Obra Blanca. 

But it is also intended to be a key tool for the architecture and interior design profession, with global usability. 

Objectives of the tool:  

1 – To facilitate product search and gather all launches of the year in one place, thus creating a catalog filled with innovation, trends, and design. 

2- Allowing direct contact between architecture and interior design professionals and manufacturing companies. 

Discover the platform here.