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Shaping the future of the finishing materials industry

We have faced the challenge of developing the entire brand strategy for a newly created brand. After carrying out an exhaustive research to accurately determine the business opportunity and the right positioning for the new company, we have led the naming process, developed its visual identity, created the brand’s promotional tools and developed a short, medium and long term communication strategy to position the company as reference in the market for its high-added value.

The emergence of a new brand

Poor in-store experiences during a house remodelling owing to a lack of high-quality products and advice from professionals triggered Punto Forma, a multi-product brand aiming at bridging the gap between production and customer expectations.

Existing brands at the moment of the company’s creation were solely concerned with sales. They all ignored the client, its experience and the services provided. Punto Forma, on the contrary, was centered on the consumer. It was set up to provide high-end products and guidance from industry experts, ensuring an unparalleled in-store experience.

Shaping meaningful experiences

The brand´s mission: “to shape meaningful experiences both in-store and at the clients´ homes” inspired the entire visual universe.

The concept “shaping”, products and earth-shattering experiences, gave the brand its name: Forma. The dot (sometimes graphically represented), on the other hand, represents an origin or a starting point. It illustrates the turning point between the well-known and the new brand vision.

The dot as a living element

In order to graphically represent how the brand participates in its clients’ projects in advertising, we turned the “point” into a dynamic actor that interacted within the spaces, illustrating at the same time the brand’s differentiator and added value.

Finally, to make the brand more approachable than the existing multi-product brands we used illustrations, an element that helped Punto Forma outperform its competitors too as none of its competitors have ever used this type of language.

Promotional tools

We designed all of the brand’s advertising materials, presenting the information in an easy, concise, and intuitive way so that viewers have a smooth experience. Differentiating factors were also considered, allowing products to stand out on shelves and in settings where they had to cohabit with competing products.