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Liquid luxe: A brand immersed in water's pleasures

A benchmark in the world of water

Since 1890, ramonsoler. designs and produces faucet models, aiming not only to create beauty but also comfort and precision in their mechanisms. With a presence in over 40 countries, ramonsoler. stands as a reference for quality in the world of bathrooms.

With a well-established history, ramonsoler. trusted VXLAB to strategically pivot its trajectory with the aim of conveying through its brand the water experience: sustainability, awareness, quality, design, and emotion.

Experience the Sensations of Water

Water is a key element in our lives; it is part of our vital experience where nature, pleasure, and origin converge. We have all felt the relaxation and pleasure our body experiences after a hot shower. It is a vital experience, a pleasure for the body that accompanies our daily lives.

The mission of ramonsoler. is to elevate the value of this moment through the design and precision of its mechanisms. Water is a resource that gives us life, and in return, we owe it commitment and respect. For this reason, ramonsoler. includes innovation, research, and technology focused on sustainability and responsible resource consumption in its corporate culture.

We are faced with two pillars that support ramonsoler.’s mission and what we call the ‘complete water experience’:

VXLAB for ramonsoler.

The rebranding path of ramonsoler. started with an in-depth market study and an assessment of the brand’s functioning within it. Additionally, strategic objectives and the direction the brand should take were established to expand its presence and position itself on four specific positioning axes:

ramonsoler.’s purpose

“We understand water conservation as the perpetuation of life, committing ourselves to innovation in creating eco-efficient, quality, and uniquely designed faucet systems.”

The verbal universe developed for ramonsoler. seeks to connect with pleasure, with that desired moment of letting go and enjoying a shower, washing our hands or face, and pausing to appreciate the quality of the moment, observing all the details that lead us to a superior experience: design, technology, product, water.

Because of the care and dedication found in each ramonsoler. the product brings us closer to art, and because each ramonsoler. faucet seeks to evoke an emotion, much like works of art have the same mission.

Because through ramonsoler, we find visual, sensory, and emotional pleasure in discovering the brand’s commitment to the environment. And because the final experience is that of letting the water carry oneself away.

A New Visual Universe

Through the concept of the art of flow, we developed ramonsoler.’s new visual universe. With it, we were able to activate the new brand strategy across various channels with coherence and cohesion, occupying physical and digital spaces with strength and a message that provokes professionalism and emotion in equal parts.

A brand that expresses its identity in few words, thanks to a visual universe that allows us to experience water through our eyes.

Elegant and minimalist illustrations that lend a more technical and professional character to the identity.

The timeline takes us from a moment of stress to a moment of balance and relaxation, the moment of flowing under the water. The ramonsoler. moment.

Adaptive texts that flow and adopt fluid forms.