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A brand inspired by the infinite spectrum of water's hues
The personality of water

Alkorplan is the leading European brand in reinforced membrane for swimming pools, present in more than 70 countries and with over 2 million pools lined worldwide. Its value lies in a patented reinforced membrane system that facilitates the creation of dream pools, with concepts anchored in nature and the colors of water.
Since joining the German company Renolit, the brand evolved into Renolit Alkorplan, and with that, they entered a rebranding process that we accompanied and guided at VXLAB.

Because water takes us to the most intimate places, to the most memorable moments of our lives, it is the place to recharge and reconnect with oneself. That’s why your pool has to speak about you. Your pool is an expression of yourself.

With this premise, we worked on the new Renolit Alkorplan strategy, bringing the unique expression of each individual closer with the creative freedom offered by the brand’s catalog.

VXLAB for Renolit Alkorplan

The rebranding journey of Renolit Alkorplan began with the distinctive Discovery Journey model by VXLAB, involving an in-depth market study and a diagnosis of the brand’s performance within it. Throughout this process, strategic objectives and the direction the brand needed to take were established to expand its presence and solidify its position in the international market.

21 ways to experience water

In our promotional materials, we’ve incorporated the concept of “21 Ways to Experience Water,” presenting each of the 21 Renolit Alkorplan finishes as a distinctive realm of unique sensations. It’s a way to immerse oneself in the feeling of water, emphasizing that the experience differs when your pool resembles a cove in Ibiza compared to the sensation of fine Caribbean sand. Yo can feel each sea and river of the world by adding texture and colour to your swimming pool.

The Renolit Alkorplan watertone

Water is supposed to be transparent, right? Well, not in the Watertone developed for Renolit Alkorplan. Here, water takes on color. This concept was crafted to demonstrate to users the captivating effects that each Renolit finish can add to the water, spanning from the deepest blues to the most vibrant turquoises.

The Watertone serves as a tool, allowing users to dream and visualize the unique color palette and luminosity their pool will contribute to their outdoor surroundings.