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How to penetrate the American market with strong branding

Scelavi is a premium vinyl tile company that trusted us for developing its brand identity. To create the identity of Scelavi we have taken the product and its characteristic shape as the main element.

Starting from the rectangular detail of the box, the symbol is created and the lines of the rectangle are used to arrange and divide the contents. In this way the whole system is connected. As the product is placed and generates horizontal and vertical lines, Scelavi reproduces the same concept in its identity.

The logotype has been created with a modern and elegant typography that is legible in any context. The logo is complemented with a symbol created under the same premise: the rectangle and the straight lines. This component acts as a differentiating element thanks to its personality, shape and color. In addition, looking carefully all the proportions between logo and symbol, the tagline Coverings is added to place and locate the brand in its sector and purpose.

The color palette chosen for Scelavi’s visual identity is a consequence of the great predominance of warm colors in the brand’s sector. Thus, we chose a cold color palette with a dark blue as a base and two browns as complementary. The result is a very harmonious, functional and product-related color palette.