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Enhancing the unlimited possibility to create
Project Overview

Creativity cannot be limited by materials, this is the belief that motivates every movement of Techo-Bloc, one of the largest international references in exterior architecture based in Montreal, Canada. Their philosophy and product development follow a differentiating premise: materials should accompany, enhance, and maximize our creative possibilities.

The challenge

The goal was to create in the imagination of our audience a universe of creative possibilities with Techo-Bloc products. A brand that can be loved for various reasons: its quality, aesthetics, possibilities, and above all, for the inspiration, creativity, and satisfaction it brings me.

The solution

We helped Techo-Bloc develop its narrative by working on a deserted territory within its competitive framework: one that puts the ability to create at the center.

While the general competitive landscape prioritizes aesthetic characteristics, Techo-Bloc offers a solution that occupies new spaces and connects with a new insight: giving builders, owners, and designers the ability to feel completely free in their creations.

To fully occupy this new territory, we had to reinforce two things:

  1. The product and its capabilities.
  2. People and their creative concerns.
The products, the main character

Techo-Bloc’s product is characterized by great versatility; colors, textures, scales, shapes… a catalog of options that offer users the possibility to design their spaces without limits. Techo-Bloc offers more than just a material, it offers creative freedom.

Freedom, a territory where you can play, have fun, and create exclusive, tailor-made, truly inspiring projects.

The visual system developed creates spaces where the product has absolute relevance within the Techo-Bloc brand universe:

On one hand, we have developed systems that welcome and enhance space photography, systems that magnify and enlarge the final results of the projects. We have also accompanied the art direction in photography to achieve, together with the visual systems, the magnifying effect that we aimed for.

On the other hand, to convey the real value of the large compositions we see in space photography, we needed to enhance the detail, the pieces in their individuality. That’s why we have worked on the photography of each product piece and its integration into all applications.

We have developed a visual universe that reinforces and accompanies this message, making the value of the product the protagonist of the brand’s graphic resources. We have created a pattern based on the creative possibilities of the product, this pattern supports the brand’s story visually, as with each impact you receive information about the different creative possibilities offered by the product.

More human than ever

With a tagline that highlights the creative value of the brand and the value of the people who relate to it, “We live to create” evokes a thirst for creation that we all have, reflecting it in the brand to create a direct identification between the brand and the user.

The tagline solidifies our differential position and mission: our life is to create, and our work will always be to continue creating and offering you all the possibilities to create with us.

Techo Bloc’s new positioning focused on people and their creative needs brings with it new brand applications. Merchandising and swag become key elements in brand communication, applications aimed at enveloping the user in a maximized experience and making them feel that they are part of this great creative universe.

We will see this message magnified in Techo-Pro, the division of accredited installers by Techo Bloc, for whom a line has been developed to consolidate a creative and project-executing community of exterior architecture with Techo-Pro.