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Far ahead of competitors, and profoundly closer to the target audience
Websites are the new window displays

And just like storefronts, they should present businesses in the best light possible. WOW’s previous website flopped on this. It was plain, uninspiring, and dull. And most importantly, it failed to convey the genuine value of their products – one of their unique selling propositions.

Thrilled about the potential influence our understanding of the industry could have on their firm, we took on the challenge of revamping it.

Our priority when developing the new website design for this tile company was to reflect the brand’s high level of design, so we kept aesthetics top of mind at all times. Photography and colours prevailed on the new website design too as rich imagery and colourful items are two aspects that set WOW aside from its competitors.

Design on its own does not guarantee a website’s success though, so we put the website’s usability at the core.

The brand-new web includes a “Favourites” section too, allowing visitors to compile their favourite products in one spot. This feature was created not only to benefit customers, but also to assist WOW in generating new leads.

The team always goes the extra mile when developing website designs for tile companies. And this case was no different. They worked nonstop until they had a more vibrant, strong, and visually appealing web design.