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Ai Weiwei, good fences make good neighbours


When art and activism joined together, we’re always there to enjoy how design and art can make a better world.  The artist Ai Weiwei worked with New York charity, the Public Art Fund, to create temporary structures in three locations in New York City. The Chinese artist and human-rights activist has used metal fencing to create three monumental structures, in a campaign against the border-control measures in America.

Activist design against borders

The project was founded thanks to a Kickstarter Campaing. It is named Good Fences Make Good Neighbours, the proverb that came from the poem Mending Wall, published by celebrated American poet Robert Frost in 1914. The artist hopes it will provoke further discussion about the role that walls play in relationships – in light of the President Trump’s plans to tighten immigration controls, by building a new border wall between the USA and Mexico. It opened on 12 October 2017 and will run until 11 February 2018.


Ai WeiWei Studio

Jason Wyche

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