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Ham on Wheels the premium fastfood


What happens when we put in a blender the best jamón serrano, a great Spanish bread and the bicycle culture? Ham on Wheels, that’s what happens, a little “bocadillo de jamón” restaurant in the middle of the historical centre of Barcelona, el Barri Gòtic. A beautifully designed and original space where you can enjoy some of the best ham sandwiches.

Design for "happy pigs"

But is not an ordinary ham, it is “happy ham”, from happy, free, open-air living pigs.  The design revolves around the idea of the happy pig, embodied in a giant textured mural; and the idea of the cycling culture, where the street and the building are one thing. With that idea in mind we see yellow signage both in the walls and the floor, and parked bicycles in the interior of the restaurant. And the ham… Oh, the ham. He’s the party guy. It’s hanging everywhere, with several messages and graphics on it. With his best wingman, the tomato, also hanging on the walls, in the shape of a giant mosaic.

You can visit Ham on Wheels at Barcelona and tell us, while you wait for your bocadillo de jamón how much you like it. The project has been done by External Reference, Moritz and Forma & Co.



External Reference

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