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Last week we had breakfast with this article about the studio in “El Levante de Castelló”. In the local newspaper, they dedicate their back cover to the most outstanding business within the city. The press wanted to come to meet us and interview us to know more about our services and experience.

10 years ago!

Almost ten years of history, it’s still shocking for the older members of the studio. Time flies! In these years, we reinforced the value of the companies that have placed their trust in us. The headline of the article “El diseño total”, summarises our method of implementing design direction in the way companies do business.

Team photo time

The most memorable part of the interview was when we went outside to take the team photo. First, we had to choose the best spot to fit the group and then came the difficult part: choosing our poses, the awkward smiles, the blinking eyes… Thankfully, the result was fantastic! Ready to hit the runway.

If you want to read the full interview, you find the article here

Levante – EMV

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