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The coolest (and smallest) house ever


Living in a 10sqm house may seem, for the most optimistic, a depressing way to spend your life. Well, after checking this out, we find this house interiors much happier than the most of big houses. It has a charming design, wise planning and rich in sensibility.

Smart and sustainable design

This little house is build in a sustainable, smart and reasonably priced way and it has only 10 square meters. The 1st unit is now exposed at the Virserum Art Museum, and in 2014 22 units will be build for college students to move into. This efficiently build student housing calls for progressive contemplating and new answers. The location in every unit is decreased from 25 square meters to 10 square meters.

Compact and ready for students

This really compact-residing flat still gives a comfortable sleeping-loft, kitchen, bathroom and a tiny backyard with a patio. An efficient layout and the use of cross laminated wood as a development material the lease is diminished by 50 % and the ecological effect and carbon footprints is also significantly lowered. Energy efficiency is a important situation when creating new buildings. Deciding on correct material and manufacturing methods is vital therefore wood was selected for its carbon positive characteristics, and as a renewable resource it can be sourced locally to decrease transportation.

The producer approach was selected due to the fact of is versatile production and for it’s assembling strategy which can be carried out on internet site to decrease construction time.

Tengbom Architects

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