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"The Blooming House"


Durstone was introducing their new brand Q for the first time at Cevisama 2013 International Exhibition in Valencia and we were in charge of the whole stand design. They asked us to showcase both brands (the main brand Durstone and the new one, Q) in a comprehensive way under the same roof. We have to taking into consideration the fact that Durstone had a black and white and minimalistic brand look, the opposite than Q that was colourful eco friendly and modern. We designed “The Blooming House” for showcasing Q, a decomposed house just in the middle of the booth. The facade was designed to be build with flamiré wood 60x60cm modules rotating to compose a wood pattern. The lighting was mad with 30 transparent globe bulbs hanging from the suspended ceiling with handmade brass caps and cloth cords. This house was thought for hosting the bar and meetings area together with MODS and MEDITERRANEA Collections exhibiting walls. o support the handmade component of Q products, we decided to install some shelved made from stairs to simulate an artisan workshop and included all the marketing tools as catalogues, folders, packaging and PLV.

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